Introducing The SickSweet Store!

I just opened 2 new online stores the where you can purchase all kinds of products featuring my artwork. Check out my storefronts on Society6 and Redbubble. If you're not familiar, Society6 and Redbubble are art marketplaces, where you can buy unique products like t-shirts, home goods, and tech gear designed by independent artists. The products produced by Society6 are of seriously great quality, and best of all, you can get that cool all-over print shirt. The two stores offer different products, so check out both!

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Happy in the End: Artist Statement

The work in Happy in the End is about recontextualizing universal symbols, the ones that are so prevalent they are considered clichéd, in order to construct emotive visuals out of the commonplace.

While creating my latest work I was specifically thinking about the sublime, defined not by awe-inspiring beauty but by the feeling generated when experience surpasses the ability to comprehend. Rational thought is affronted and disrupted by this feeling, and I want to reflect this disruption in my work.

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Tools of the Trade: New Screens in the Studio

My current project involves poster-sized screen prints of a hand drawn skull. Since these are going to be a standard size I ordered some pre-burned screens from the guys over at Anthem, and they look beautiful. Like most artists, I'm somewhat obsessed with materials and tools, and emulsion coated screens with images burned onto them are no exception. They give you just enough visual information to start imagining the final prints at scale, yet there are enough variables (the substrate, the colors, the inks) and decisions left to make that I immediately want to get to work to find out what the finished pieces will look like. 

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