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Fine Art Portfolio

2017 Paintings & Screenprints

Cross Green WB.jpg
Cross Green WB.jpg

Road Signs

For this collection I was focused on the Western landscape. They are screenprints on top of paintings of horizons, texts, and road signs inspired by driving in California. Rather than depicting specific places, the works represent an idealized landscape of the road trip, westward expansion, and Hollywood. I was interested in the way the imaginary and symbolic Western landscape of the frontier, westward expansion, Hollywood, and counterculture intersected with my actual experience while driving.

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2016 Paintings & Screenprints

Summer Romasco - Death Valley Green Ferns WB.jpg
Summer Romasco - Death Valley Gold Tears WB.jpg

Death Valley

A collection of desert-themed acrylic works with layered painting and screenprinting on canvas wrapped wood panels. The patterned cow skulls have fern and teardrop backgrounds. The series features gold, bronze, and other metallic inks and paints - I wanted to contrast the nature motifs with cold metallic glamour and graphic patterns.

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More Paintings & Screenprints from 2016

Hardboiled Wonderland Summer Romasco WB.jpg
Hardboiled Wonderland Summer Romasco WB.jpg

Hardboiled Wonderland

A series of large scale and small-scale surreal paintings & screenprints. The large pieces are on canvas covered panels and the small pieces are on paper. The mediums used range from acrylic to gouache to screenprinting. I was focused on combining styles such as illustration, pattern photography, and abstraction to create a dreamlike feeling.

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2015 Paintings & Screenprints

Summer-Romasco-This-Side-of-the-Blue-Painting WB.jpg
Summer-Romasco-The-Shape-of-Goneness-Painting WB.jpg

Happy in the End

Colorful acrylic works based on hand-drawn inky illustrations which are then digitized, screen printed, and painted on canvas wrapped hardwood panels.of skulls and daisies. I layered spraypaint, acrylic paint, and screenprinting. I used skull, flower, and mushroom motifs, which were inspired partially by tattoo art, in this collection, remixing them from one piece to the next to experiment with shifting their context and signification.

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2014 Paintings & Screen Prints

Showdown Tigerlily LG WB.jpg
Showdown Tigerlily LG WB.jpg


Figurative and portrait acrylic works with layered screenprinting and painting on canvas-wrapped hardwood panels. The subjects range from anonymous silhouettes women to Rita Hayworth and there's even an aloe printed aloe plant portrait. The collection features deconstructed figures and backgrounds.

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